Resurrecting Romanticism Tentative Schedule

Converse University
Spartanburg, South Carolina

Saturday, October 7 though Monday, October 9, 2023

Note: Registration on the afternoon of Friday, October 6, will be followed by a get-acquainted social at 5:30

9:00 Welcoming remarks by David Berry, Madeleine McEntire, and Stephen Siek followed by

Dianne Durante

Lecture on Romantic Painting
Stephen Siek

"Sergei Rachmaninoff, the Romantic Intransigent"

In honor of the 150th anniversary of the birth of Sergei Rachmaninoff (1873-1943), this is a sequel to a talk given by Dr. Siek at the 2019 OCON: "Sergei Rachmaninoff and the Sunset of Musical Romanticism"

Special Columbus Day Presentation:

Celebrating Romantic Painting and Sculpture from the Chicago World's Fair on the 130th Anniversary of the World's Columbian Exposition

Dianne Durante
and Sandra Shaw
on Romantic Painting and Sculpture from the World's Columbian Exposition

10:45 Sandra Shaw

Romantic Sculpture in the Nineteenth Century. Sandra Shaw is currently writing a sequel to her highly successful Windows on Humanity  

Thomas Shoebotham

Lecture presentation TBA
Thomas Shoebotham
and Stephen Siek

on the music from the World's Columbian Exposition, both Classical and Popular
12:15          LUNCH


1:30 David Berry

explains a new theory of Musical Esthetics
Jon Hersey

Lecture Presentation on Romanticism in the Popular Music of Today
Panel Discussion and Symposium

"Point and Counterpoint"
The Problems of Musical Meaning and the Pathway to their Solutions

Music has long been considered the most elusive of art forms to understand and appreciate its relationship to reality. After the experts assembled explore these issues, members of the audience will be invited to ask questions.

David Berry
Harry Binswanger
Lee Pierson
Thomas Shoebotham
Stephen Siek

(This event begins at 12:30, and will be somewhat informal. A complimentary box lunch will be offered to those attending.)

3:00 Quent and Linda Cordair

"Marketing Romanticism" or TBA

Panel Discussion:

"Nurturing the New Romantics"

David Berry
Dianne Durante
Sandra Shaw
Thomas Shoebotham
Stephen Siek

As Ayn Rand observed nearly 60 years ago, "With very rare (and partial) exceptions, Romanticism is non-existent in today's literature." Regrettably, the same claim could be made about today's painting, sculpture, and music, for only a philosophic revolution can transform a culture. But what would a rational curriculum look like in today's universities, art and music schools? These questions will be explored by our panel of experts.
Shoshana Milgram

"O. Henry’s 'To Him Who Waits': Revisiting the Source"

In a talk to accompany the original opera for which we have all been waiting, Dr. Milgram explores the meaning, content, title, and original context of this story, first published in Collier’s on January 23, 1909. The subtitle: “The Awakening of the Hermit on the Mountain Top Who Smiled in His Beard.”

7:30 An Evening of Romantic Chamber Music

Alan August, tenor
Allegra Durante, soprano
Thomas Shoebotham, cello
Stephen Siek, piano

Works to include selected songs by Rachmaninoff, a Romantic Cello work, and the Piano Quintet of Robert Schumann, Op. 44

(Cocktails at 5:30; Dinner served at 6)

Harry Binswanger,
Keynote Speaker

An Evening of Romantic Opera with Orchestra

Performers to include:

Allegra Durante, soprano
Alan August, tenor
David Berry, conductor
Thomas Shoebotham, conductor

Selections to include:

Tchaikovsky: Lensky's Aria from Eugene Onegin

Berry: To Him Who Waits

(Music by David Berry;
Lyrics by Ralph Rivera after O Henry)

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